• Soroptimist Kathmandu
    Soroptimist Kathmandu
  • School Sweater Distribution Programme
    School Sweater Distribution Programme
  • 107th International Women's Day
    107th International Women's Day

The name Soroptimist was coined from the Latin ‘soror’ meaning sister, and ‘optima’ meaning best. Soroptimist is perhaps best interpreted as ‘the best for women’.

This organization focuses its activities on women’s economic and social development. This organization also works in generating awareness program on women related issues like gender discrimination, violence against women. Issues of environmental degradation and impact of climate change are also included in the field of interest of the organization. This organization also works for the welfare of homeless, helpless women including women displaced from different reason.

Soroptimist Kathmandu is a non-governmental organization registered under affliation with Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI Ltd). It is also a non profitable organization, run by women involved in different professions. There are 20 founder members in this organization. From these members, 11 member working committee has been formed in order to carry out organizational activities promptly.

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