Psychosocial Counseling for Women

Women having any form of mental health issues or who need counseling or some form of psychological support will be provided with an access to a psychosocial counseling service by Soroptimist Kathmandu, Nepal. The issues of women with minor psychological concerns will be addressed by the counselors themselves by providing them with counseling and motivation over a period of time. However, if the issues are more severe, they will be referred to other psychological service providers as per the necessity. Women will also be provided with lessons on healing, motivation and confidence building in order to help them overcome their mental anxiety.


  • To improve the mental well-being of women by providing them with psychosocial counseling
  • To identify the mental health issue of women and
  • To provide referral service to women who need higher level of assistance

Target Groups

Any group of women who suffer from mental health issues or need some form of psychosocial counseling will be our target group. More specifically, our target groups will include (but will not be limited to):

  • Single women
  • Women from poor and marginalized backgrounds
  • Women representing ethnically marginalized communities
  • Unemployed women
  • Victims of armed conflict
  • Earthquake survivors
  • School students
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