Goat Distribution for Income Generating Program

Soroptimist Kathmandu, Nepal is supporting women to be self-reliant. 51 marginalized women from different three places (Nagarkot and Sindhupalchock) are provided baby goats with free loans in order to start their own small businesses or income generating activities. The women are selected on the basis of their background (single, ethnically marginalized, economic and employment status), their business ideas as well as their need for the loans. The loan should have to be paid back on a monthly installment basis within 2 years or more depending on the circumstance.


  • To enhance socio-economic empowerment of marginalized women by providing them access to interest free loans
  • To enhance the entrepreneurship capacities of marginalized women by providing them access to business and income generating opportunities through interest free loans

Target Groups

The project is targeted towers single, poor, ethnically marginalized and unemployed women from Nagarkot and Sindhupalchock district.

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