Dear Sisters, I am pleased to welcome you in the Soroptimist Kathmandu Page Soroptimist Kathmandu, Nepal club was established in 2011 as a NGO and chartered in 2012 under SIGBI Federation. This club have objectives to educate and empower girls and women; especially who belong to the socio-economically underprivileged communities. To achieve these goals; our club members have contributed their efforts from the very beginning of the establishment of our club. Since its establishment; this club has been receiving financial, technical and moral support from various national and international communities. Before April 2015 earthquake; our club worked to educate girls and conducted women empowerment program across the region. But after the devastating earthquake which claimed about the lives of 8 thousand people; damaged about 8 hundred thousand houses and displaced millions of peoples from their place of origin; we extended the support to the earthquake effected areas primarily with emergency supplies and relief materials Hundreds of girls were supported with educational materials and dozens of psychological counselling program were conducted. For the economic support of rural women; animal husbandry program was induced. Skill enhancement training program were conducted for the displaced women. Likewise literacy and computer classes and leadership training were conducted for the girls and women. We hoped that all these programs were very fruitful in bringing changes in the lives of girls and women. It is already 3 years that we have been fighting against the worst effect of earthquake. Now, we are working to address post-earthquake socio economic challenges and adversities that the girls and women are facing. Women’s health and nutrition related programs has been on priority. In addition to that, awareness campaign against women’s’ gender and domestic violence program has been conducted in regional tranches . Along with our sisters team, I have a great hope to receive continued support locally and globally for our agendas. I, as a newly elected President of the club would like to use this opportunity to carry aforementioned program smoothly. I am very optimistic that I will get full support from all stakeholders and global soroptimist community . I highly appreciate for the meaningful participation of our club member sisters in providing relief materials to the quake victims in the remote areas of Nepal keeping their own life at the great risk. I also would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the international SI communities for economic and emotional support rendered to us. With all good wishes,

Sarita Poudel 
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