English Language for young women

The aim of this project is to provide English teaching to young girls and women from the earthquake affected rural areas who are now studying in Kathmandu. Also the students who studied in government schools and for the employment has to compete with the private schools students who are very good in English education. English teaching in rural areas is weak and, in many cases, non-existent. Students from these areas are at a serious disadvantage when they go on to seek employment. In the city, most of the companies need good English. This program will greatly enhance the employability and confidence of these girls.


  • To enhance the skills and capacities of marginalized women by providing them access to English classes
  • To improve the self-confidence and social status of marginalized women by providing them opportunities of English language classes.

Target Groups

Women and girls from the earthquake-affected areas and from low economic family background in the rural communities who are studying at university in Kathmandu.

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